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Dear Brenda (Small but Mighty) & Henry (Always Smiling)

Thank you does not begin to express the gratitude I feel for the opportunity to work with abused horses that would otherwise be sent to slaughter. Each time I visit the farm I see the horses improving in health and spirit. Feeling their warm and trusting breath on my face is one of the biggest highlights of my week. I am so happy to know that they are safe, loved and will find homes where they will be loved and cared for. Thanks again for your encouragement and appreciation. Most of all thank you for sharing your farm, knowledge, experience, sense of humor and love of horses.



Dare to Dream Horse Rescue is an amazing place where people and horses come together with the opportunity to bring peace and enjoyment to each other's lives. Working with the horses at the rescue, and helping them develop trust in people, and to live a carefree life is so rewarding. Since my husband and I have been volunteering at the rescue, and learning from Brenda and the horses our lives have changed dramatically. We fell in love with two of the fillies there, purchased them, and with Brenda's guidance and patience are in the process of training them. Selene and Josie are such a huge part of our family now, it is hard to imagine that they were unwanted and, especially in Josie's case, headed to a slaughterhouse. The work Brenda and Henry Fehr are doing is so important to the horses and all the volunteers, and we hope to help save many more lives as part of the rescue.


Dare To Dream Horse Rescue is a haven for horses and humans alike; for myself at least. I found myself in a stressful, anxious state after some tough classes in university and just was always feeling bored with life, no passion, nothing really to look forward to. I then stumbled upon Dare To Dream. Initially looking for an inexpensive way to be with the animal I have loved since the age of 5, I thought "this is perfect". All my life I have been doing all I could to simply be around horses while living in the city, with a family who really had no interest in the large "dirty animals". So the rescue seemed to be the answer to this simple problem, but within a week I was hooked on everything about Dare To Dream, the wonderful caretakers, Brenda and Henry, who seemed appreciative of me (which I thought was crazy, they were there for me) and the sweet extraordinarily individual horses. It only took a few days for me to fall in love with a stubborn little pony of a horse. And after 2 months with the brat, my "inexpensive" way of being with horses suddenly transformed into my first large investment and first horse. It wasn't a choice as my mother thought, I couldn't explain but I NEEDED this horse. If I would have been sure no one else would adopt my little mare I probably would have been happy just working with her, but I would have really been devastated if someone else adopted her. Now 6 months after purchase, she has caused me many headaches but so many more rewarding moments as she continues to surprise me with her intelligence, whether it be to tackle the new things I ask of her or to find new rediculous ways to avoid it. Dare To Dream put me back on track in my life. I am re-focused and happier than ever. And I will continue to return as much as possible to help shape horses that will do the same for others looking for a companion to brighten their lives.

Never ending thanks and respect to Brenda and Henry of Dare To Dream Horse Rescue

Daniella and Kaiya (my first horse)

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