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In Alberta, more than 300 horses per day are slaughtered, to be  processed for human consumption? These innocent animals are brought to the auction, where many owners think they will be bought by a loving family, having no idea that they are purchased by the "meat buyers" instead. In some cases, breeders getting out of the business just dump their entire herd at the auction and walk away. It is a very stressful time for these animals, as they are taken from their home, put in a holding pen, then through the auction ring (where it is very noisy and loud), then back to a holding pen, and finally chased into a waiting trailer to be driven to the slaughter house, where they again are shifted from pen to pen until they actually go through the processing plant.  

Dare to Dream Horse Rescue is working to save young horses from being slaughtered.  Most of the horses featured on our website have been saved from this fate.  We make sure they are healthy and then decide whether they will stay at the rescue to become part of our youth program, or sold to approved loving homes.

If you would like to be a part of saving a horses life or helping to pay for the care of one here, please visit our Ways to HELP page!

A huge THANK YOU to our supporters who enable us to save and enrich the lives of more horses!

Please enjoy our website and take some time to get to know our fabulous horses!  Check back often to meet our new arrivals!



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