Dare to Dream Horse Rescue

Henry & Brenda Fehr are just people who love horses and are trying to save young ones from being slaughtered. The horses featured on our website have all been saved from this fate. We have over 60 years experience with horses, including having raised and shown purebred Appaloosas. Horses have always been a big part of our lives.

In addition to raising and training horses, youth ministry is also a big part of our lives and our farm has always been full of young people wanting to work with the animals. So we decided to put the two together. We teach the youth how to work with the horses, including basic horse care, riding skills (when we have available horses) and training. The end goal is that each young person will be able to ride the horse they have helped to train. It is a wonderful experience for both the horse and rider. Our youth range in ages from 10 up to 70 (our older youth). Our goal is not only to save horses from slaughter, but also to create a place where people can be proud of their accomplishments and build self esteem.

We love to have volunteers come, and no experience with horses is necessary. All you need is a love for horses and a desire to work with them.

We do not charge any type of fee for this, as no one should be denied the joy of being with horses due to lack of funds. All the horses, feed and supplies are paid for with our own money, and the generous financial support of other people who love horses. We do not receive funding from any kind of government program. Any financial help we receive enables us to rescue more horses from certain death and to help care for the ones that are here now.


If you would like to be a part of saving a horses life or helping to pay for the care of one here, you can choose from a couple of options. 

     #1 - A one time donation of any amount 

     #2 - Sponsor a horse that is here, this could be a monthly amount or one lump sum. You can choose the horse you would like to sponsor and the amount you would like to spend.  Some of the horses will spend their entire lives here where they are loved and are safe.

Please note: We are not able to issue receipts for income tax purposes.

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