Horse training continues rain, shine or snow!

Last updated: Feb. 11/19

Right now we have 26 horses here for the winter, and many are still waiting for their new homes.

Even with only 26 horses, it still keeps us very busy. Many of our regular volunteers help to feed the horses, mix feed or do whatever other things we need done. It makes such a difference to have help with running the rescue.

Lots of new volunteers are still coming, and we are all getting to know each other. THANK YOU to all our volunteers who come to work with the horses, they definitely benefit from all the attention they get.

Fundraising never stops, as it's very expensive to run a horse rescue. If you want to help, we're asking that you donate your pop bottles, water bottles and milk jugs to help the rescue. You can either take them to the bottle depot and get the funds to us, or just bring us the bottles and we'll take them in.

We still have a few t-shirts and hoodies left, they're beautiful and are good quality. T-shirts are $21.00 and hoodies are $68.25. If you'd like one, they can be picked up at the rescue or you can send us an e-mail to order one and have it mailed. (mailing is extra and will be quoted before shipping)

And of course, financial donations or things from our "items we need" page are always welcome.

We now have a Facebook page. "Dare to Dream Horse Rescue" There's lots of videos, pictures and information about what's happening at the rescue. Please feel free to join our page.

We also have an online auction fundraising page on Facebook: Online Auction for D2D Horse Rescue. We usually have an auction every 3 months and it's not just horse tack, there's lots of other beautiful items as well.